Mayoral Update: Friday Night
Hello neighbors, Here is the Friday evening update:

1) Water level duration

Water levels are stable and the system is at equilibrium. Flood Control expects these levels for at least the next 10 days, barring additional precipitation.

2) Impact from duration

The bridges at the following locations will be closed until further notice. They are underwater:

Voss Road south of Memorial

S. Piney Point south of Memorial

Gessner south of Memorial

Briar Forest bridge

3) Curfew: 

Curfew remains in effect from 10pm-5am. This is consistent with the other Villages, and we will remain consistent with them for ease of execution amongst our local agencies.  

3) Trash

Collection crews will continue to operate here until all the household trash is gone, estimated to be tomorrow evening. This is as fast as is operationally possible considering landfill access, refueling, traffic, and road closures. 

4) Safety

Call HVPD to report ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY 24x7. Their phone number is: 713-461-4797. Put it in your phone right now. They will check out any suspicious vehicle or person in the area. The Villages will be strictly enforcing their no-solicitation ordinances right now. Do not hesitate to call.  Call 911 in an emergency.

If you would like one of our new rear-window stickers with the fancy new logo for your car, be in touch and I’ll get you one myself over the weekend. Otherwise, swing by city hall next week and they will help.


Brian T. Muecke
Mayor of Hedwig Village
713-828-1223 (Call or Text, Direct)