Thursday Night Update
Hello neighbors, Here is the Thursday night update:

1: Water levels stable

Over the last 24h we have seen the stabilization of water levels along Buffalo in the Memorial area, broadly defined. This is just my conclusion form direct observation here and outside the beltway. Level came up a little bit here in the Villages, but is now unchanging. Water has stopped rising outside the beltway best I can tell. I would describe this length of the channel as placid.

I understand the Corps is holding discharge levels constant at current levels for the intermediate term. That tells me I should expect no meaningful change for a while. Hedwig Village remains unaffected, so I’ll just give you an update of what this means as a practical matter.

2: Water Level Impacts

1) The bridges will be closed for a while. Don’t cross them.

2) The sewer treatment plant remains offline; MVWA is endeavoring to have it back up soon. However, until the water actually recedes, you may see sluggishness in your toilets and sink drains.

3: Trash Collection tomorrow per the following terms:

1) Household items only; No debris will be collected. Debris = trash that originated outside your house (tree branches, etc)

2) Backdoor service

3) If you wish, you can help the collectors by moving your HOUSEHOLD trash to the curb. If you do so, move all of it. Don’t split your locations.

4: Safety

The Villages law enforcement agencies are all working very well together, and are getting additional support from outside agencies. Do not be surprised to see a Hedwig car outside of Hedwig Village, or a Memorial Villages car or Spring Valley car in our area. SBISD police are really helping out as well. Supplementing our Villages law enforcement are: Houston PD, Texas DPS, and Texas National Guard.

Call HVPD to report ANY suspicious activity 24x7. Their phone number is: 713-461-4797. Put it in your phone right now. They will check out any suspicious vehicle or person in the area. The Villages will be strictly enforcing their no-solicitation ordinances right now. Do not hesitate to call.  Call 911 in an emergency.

Finally, I will reiterate Chief Gott’s everyday safety tips. Lock doors, lights on, alarms on. Do this every day.

5: Curfew remains in effect until further notice

10pm-5am.  I am aware that ours is earlier than Houston’s. If you are providing aid to a family member in need elsewhere in the City of Houston and require dispensation, please be in touch directly with me. It will be provided.


Brian T. Muecke
Mayor of Hedwig Village
713-828-1223 (Call or Text, Direct)