Hedwig Village Trash Collection Status
Hello neighbors, here is the status update after speaking with our trash provider:

1: Backdoor trash collection of household waste is back to normal schedule for HV. Expect the same service as you had before the storm: Wednesdays & Saturdays.

2: Recycling is OFF until further notice. Do not store your recycling to be picked up at some future date. Place typical recycling items into your trash can for collection. Recycling will come back on at some point in the future, but with the waste moving systems so stressed there is no certainty when that may be.

3: Debris:

Storm debris: If you have true storm debris from flooding, like wet carpet and other related things from inside your house, notify Lane Standley at City Hall to make ad hoc arrangements. I do not believe anybody is in this situation, but if so, Lane is the man. lstandley@hedwigtx.gov

Yard debris: requirement for branch collection is bundled and tied in 4 foot sections and placed curbside. Bundles and bags will be collected on a capacity available basis until they are all gone as part of the normal collection route. 

Said plainly, we are going to make every effort to assure household trash collection is not disrupted, and top off the trucks with as much yard waste as possible. After Wednesday’s run, we are going to assess where the city is and make any adjustments possible.

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